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Michael’s “Mega Collection of Silverlight 5 Beta” Demos

I’ve decided that today I would release a set of Demos for the Silverlight 5 Beta to help the community get up to speed quickly with the new features. In order to make the Silverlight 5 developer-base grow I will be creating demos of every feature as it is available. Here is my first set of contributions to make this happen.

To download all the demos in one file then click here.

For separate downloads then click below.

Please note: All of these demos were created using the Silverlight 5 Beta and things may change in the final release.

Demo Name Download Location
Ancestor Relative Source MikesAncestorRelativeSource.zip
Click Count MikeClickCount.zip
ComboBox Type Ahead MikesComboBoxTypeAhead.zip
Custom Markup Extensions MikesCustomMarkupExtension.zip
Debugging XAML MikesDebuggingXaml.zip
Debugging XAML (SL 4.0) MikesDebuggingXaml40.zip
Implicit Data Templates MikeImplicitDataTemplateDemo.zip
Linked Text Containers MikesLinkedTextContainers.zip
Multiple Windows MikesMultipleWindows.zip
Save File Dialog MikesSaveFileDialog.zip
Style Binding MikesStyleBinding.zip
Trick Play MikesTrickPlayDemo.zip
Unrestricted File Access MikesUnrestrictedFileAccess.zip
XNA Sound Latency MikesXNASoundLatency.zip
*NEW* P/Invoke MikesPInvokeDemo.zip

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